VERTIKAL ZIP LINE is a peruvian group of friends; owned business located on a private farm on the mountains of santa teresa. The farm has 3 hectares are set aside for conservation purposes. This eco tourism project is under a program that protects the cloud forest and sells oxygen to the world. The other half of the property is a cypres plantation utilized under a very strict management process that is environmentally friendly.


We are only 1 hour away from machupicchu. Located in santa teresa, cuzco; at the foot of the yanatile river.


This canopy tour has 12 platforms and 5 cables suspended 250 mts above the valley. The cables used in the zip lining activity are galvanized stainless steel. The length of these go anywhere from 500mts. To 1000mts. We have several hiking trails, some on the ground and others are elevated. In this spectacular setting our guides will share their knowledge of the cloud forest with you.


For those that want to keep their feet on the ground and don’t mind a nice walk, we have hiking trails. Some of the things we will be able to see during our adventure are natural albicia eucaluptus, avocado, bananas, coffees tres.


First your guides will outfit you in safety gear. Before your flight through the forest begins, your guides will teach you proper zipping and safety techniques. Then you’re off…you’ll soar from one side to another as you enjoy views that were once only reserved for birds.

This amazing adventure will have your adrenaline pumping as you go zipping past the cliff sides of this one of a kind property. Cliffs, massive canyons and more…It’s the only place in santa teresa where all these things exist and it’s only at VERTIKALZIPLINES

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